Business Setup Solution

Are you thinking about starting a business of your own?
Congratulations! This is a big step, and you’ll need to be
prepared. CBS can help you with state & federal requirements
for starting a business, as well as provide you with other
information about being a new business owner.


Payroll Solution

We offer full-service payroll processing with zero payroll
tax liability to you. In addition, we offer comprehensive
packages that include required employer posters, recordkeeping
compliance, personnel support including benefits administration,
policy & forms documentation and even facilities support.

Bookkeeping Solution

We offer professional accounting and bookkeeping packages
at a very reasonable price. Our complete range of services
allows us to handle every phase of your organization's
bookkeeping and accounting tasks.


Accounting & CFO Solution

You may be thinking that, as a start-up or smaller business,
hiring a financial advisor is out of your reach. But CBS has a
cost-effective solution on an outsourced basis. You get all of
the expertise of having a financial advisor on your team at a
price that makes sense for your business as it grows.

CPA Services & Tax Prep Solution

All companies can benefit from bringing in a fresh, objective perspective.
The CPA consulting services we are able to provide you will give you the
information and tools needed to efficiently & effectively lead your business
to the next level of growth.


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