Remote Payroll & Accounting Services by Complete Business Solutions

Too much work and too little time to do it?


At Complete Business Solutions we understand some of the most overwhelming and potentially costly aspects of your business are the tasks of managing your bookkeeping, accounting and human resources. We are experienced professionals providing a wide range of affordable services in these areas. Our services will provide your business with accurate financial information and assurance that your legal compliance is taken care of. Partnering with CBS will give you time to focus on the things that will help you move your business to the next level. 


Starting a new business? 

Let CBS help you maneuver through the complexities of setting up your new business. Our new business setup services will help you choose the right business type and file all state and federal filings.


Is your business growing?

Do you want the benefits that come with having your own accounting department & HR department but can’t afford the expense?


CBS as your Payroll and Accounting Department

We provide core financial functions like bookkeeping, payroll, receivables and payables management, as well as more robust accounting advisory services like financial reporting, budgeting and cash flow forecasting. We go beyond the basics to provide financial insight and accounting advice that will help you make better informed decisions to lead your business. Our goal is to provide our clients with a high level of personalized service.  This advanced level of service sets us apart from typical bookkeeping services.

CBS as your Administrative Assistant

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?  Would you like to save time and money?  Virtual Assistants take over that administrative work that keeps your business running so you can take care of your customers.  Hiring a Virtual Assistant means that you pay only for the hours they work and since the work isn't performed at your office you don't have to provide computers or other tools neccessary to complete the tasks.   Perhaps you don't need a full time employee to perform your administrative work; hiring an employee would have the added overhead of employer taxes, vacation, possibly benefits, training and other possible down time.  Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a cost effective way for you to spend more time on those parts of your business that grow your business and make you money.     


Putting the pieces together for a perfect fit!

Our hassle free solutions give your business the experience and skills needed to ensure your employees are taken care of, your business is in compliance and your books are in order while saving you time, money, and stress.

Let us help you shift your focus from running your business to growing your business! Contact us for a complimentary consulation!