About Us


Staffing nightmares?  Accounting headaches? 
Or just too much work and not enough time or staff?

About our People

Crystal Smith and Cheryl Vauns partnership began when they worked together as department managers for a multi-million dollar mid-size company for a number of years.  It was through their experience working together as a team and ultimately sharing their own bad experience of payroll and human resources outsourcing that the idea for Complete Business Solutions was born. They knew they could provide a better outsourcing experience. Crystal, Cheryl and associates are excited to offer their expertise to businesses who simply can’t afford to have individuals on staff with their experience.  Our professional staff has over 35 years of combined experience of Human Resources, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Administration and Business Operations. We have solutions at affordable fixed monthly rates that eliminate any worry of surprise costs. 


About Our Company

Complete Business Solutions is a woman-owned business offering remote and cloud-based payroll and accounting solutions. Our staff is about bringing our clients a positive outsourcing experience for their bookkeeping and administrative needs.  We are experienced professionals who really love what we do and we strongly believe that small and mid-size businesses gain far more benefits from having experienced financial, human resources and administrative expertise than larger companies who actually can afford to have this experience on staff.  We know that strong financial decision making, solid staff and the ability to retain that staff are key to small and mid-size business growth. We customize our clients experience to meet their specific needs.

The CBS mission is to provide each of our clients with the same exceptional service that we would expect for ourselves.