“CBS took a very stressful situation and turned it into a great experience…”        
   Kayleen Beals, Business Director Irie AT

Staffing nightmares?  Accounting headaches? 
Or just too much work and not enough time or staff?

About CBS

Complete Business Solutions is about bringing our clients a positive outsourcing experience for their bookkeeping and administrative needs.  We are experienced professionals who really love what we do and we strongly believe that small and mid-size businesses gain far more benefits from having experienced financial, human resources and administrative expertise than larger companies who actually can afford to have this experience on staff.  We know that strong financial decision making, solid staff and the ability to retain that staff are key to small and mid-size business growth.   

The CBS mission is to provide each of our clients with the same exceptional service that we would expect for ourselves. 

About the people

Crystal and Cheryl's partnership began when they worked together as department managers for a multi-million dollar mid-size company for a number of years.  It was through their experience working together as a team and ultimately sharing their own bad experience of payroll and human resources outsourcing that the idea for Complete Business Solutions was born.  They knew they could provide a better outsourcing experience.  Crystal and Cheryl are excited to offer their expertise to businesses who simply can’t afford to have individuals on staff with their experience.  They have solutions at affordable fixed monthly rates that eliminate any worry of surprise costs.

Meet CherylCheryl Vaun

Cheryl's 30 plus years of experience includes payroll, bookkeeping, human resources, benefits administration and office management. Her expertise in building and maintaining companies’ Human Resource policies and manuals has been given high praise.  She has built relationships with some of the most knowledgeable parties in the industry on a wide array of benefits.  Her experience also extends to Project and Vendor Management services.  Her structured approach to both project and vendor management results in the best service and value for facilities maintenance and upkeep.

Read what some have to say about Cheryl. 

 “Cheryl is a hard working person who is dedicated to getting the job done right. Cheryl was great to deal with and had great knowledge in all aspects of employee benefits.”     
Warren Rund, Employee Benefits Specialist, Business Partner

“Her knowledge of business meant that she could find me an answer more quickly than I could and she could put the answer in the context of my work while still keeping the bigger issues in mind. Cheryl made my job easier and I highly recommend her.”
Elizabeth Jones, Educational Specialist, Former Co-Worker

“Cheryl was never afraid to take on new tasks, even those that might be daunting to others. I strongly recommend Cheryl to anyone seeking a multi-talented office manager, HR manager, facilities manager or project manager.”
Jeff Gardner, Former Supervisor/CEO

Meet CrystalCrystal Smith

Crystal has extensive experience in payroll, month end closing, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, grant audits including federal grant accounting, physical inventory reconciliations and reporting, and financial and budget report presentations. She is also experienced in the IRS audit process including assisting with finding business attorneys and CPAs that are a good match for the client.  Through all of this she has built relationships with reputable CPAs as well as finance experts from prominent CPA firms in the area and she is eager to offer her services as well as those CPA relationships to benefit her clients with their business needs. 

Read what some have to say about Crystal.

“Her many competencies enabled her to cover the workload formerly assigned to three employees, and she diligently worked with a sunny, professional demeanor. That she now has her own business does not surprise me. Any company fortunate enough to discover her will be more than pleased.”         
Josh Mellon, Former Co-Worker

Crystal didn't take shortcuts and was always on top of industry best-practices. If I ever need any accounting advice or service she'll be the first I go to!”         
Stephen Young, Former Co-Worker, Marketing

Despite juggling complicated accounting software and other company systems and headaches, Crystal always made sure the financial information she gives to other managers was correct 100% of the time. I’m confident Crystal will be a huge asset for any organization or endeavor she undertakes.”        
Jeff Gardner, Former Supervisor/CEO


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