Oregon Minimum Wage Incease July 1, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016



 As everyone has heard by now Oregon will begin implementing their series of new minimum wage rates on July 1st. 

The series of rate increases will continue through July 1, 2022.  In 2023 the minimum wage rate will begin to be indexed to
inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Some are confused by how this series of rate increases will be applied throughout the state.  Oregon BOLI (Bureau of Labor
& Industries) has released a chart to assist with the designations of the rates to the appropriate areas. 


There are 3 rates, the standard rate, the Portland Metro rate which will apply to employers located in the urban growth boundary
of Portland’s metropolitan service district and the final rate that will apply within certain "nonurban" counties.  Following is a
summary of the scheduled minimum wage increases.

Minimum Wage Table

In Linn & Benton County the current minimum wage of $9.25 will increase
by .50¢ per hour to $9.75 per hour. 

Below is a map of Oregon Minimum Wage Rates by County

Oregon Minimum Wage Map