Communication & Meetings

Regularly scheduled phone & in person meetings

  Accounting Setup & Strategy

Free 1 hr consultation: ● Review client needs and concerns ● Discuss service packages

Paid follow up visit to examine & create printed report on following: ● accounting software ● bookkeeping practices ● assessment of back work or cleanup work to be performed ● enrollment for package that best fits the client’s needs and goals. (50% of fee will be applied to package if enrollment for ongoing services is completed)

Ongoing consultations and guidance of client's financial responsibilities (not to be confused with training)

Perform back work or clean-up work (Amount of back work differs based on whether your business     is new business (6mo or less) or an established business (7mo or more) additional transactions negotiated per client)

   Historical Write –Up / Basic Processing

Post all manually written checks, ATM/debit transactions from bank statement

Post / download credit card activity from credit card statement & perform monthly reconciliation

Post cash receipts/deposits

Post payroll or payroll journal entry provided by your payroll provider (if applicable)

Prepare monthly reconciliation of bank statement for each cash account

  Accounts Receivable

Not available in this package see Live Accounting Package for these services


Standard system reporting packages including: ● Profit & Loss ● Balance Sheet

  Other Services

Regularly scheduled closing of the books - Quarterly

Calculation & recording of depreciation (per clients CPA) - Quarterly

Maintain Fixed Asset List & post fixed asset to correct GL account

  1099 Service

Prepare annual 1099-MISC, 1096 and other forms required to be issued on behalf of client (January)

Send W-9’s for client & maintain electronic file of W-9’s received from vendors

  Annual Tax Package, Compilation, Review, or Audit Preparation

Facilitate and prepare year end reports for client to forward to CPA for tax prep at year end

Prepare & forward to client's CPA annual tax package that meets CPA requirements and work with client's CPA to answer any questions about accounting reports and/or file not included in Gold package

Record final adjusting entries prepared by client's CPA into accounting file & perform final tie-out of account balances for year

  Other Annual or End of Year Services

Workers Comp reports- Set up process for filing & file necessary forms not included in Gold pkg.

County Personal Property Tax Returns (for Equip etc) not included in Gold pkg.

Other reporting assistance specific to your business available upon request (additional fees may apply)

  Payroll Add on: All payroll tasks and quarterlies includes Employee files: I-9's; W-4's

HR: Workplace Posting Compliance

Basic Accounting Software Setup and Training includes:

Install software and setup basic system for use

Chart of accounts

Review company preferences for things we want to use

Assist with template to set up items/ products/ services

Make sure fixed asset template is set up & specs on how to use it

Set up checking account auto feature if available

Set up credit cards auto fill in & define how to use it

The above services represent this package only and are not a complete list of our services. 
Additional packages are available. We also offer custom packages.

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