Controller Accounting Full Overview Package Detail

  Accounting System Setup & Strategy

   (All Included in Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

Free 1 hr consultation: ● Review client needs and concerns ● Discuss service packages

Paid follow up visit to examine & create printed report on following: ● accounting software ● bookkeeping practices ● assessment of back work or cleanup work to be performed ● enrollment for package that best fits the client’s needs and goals. (Paid follow up fee will be waived if enrollment completed)

Ongoing consultations and guidance of client's financial responsibilities (not to be confused with training)

Perform back work or clean-up work (Amount of back work differs based on whether your business is new business (6mo or less) or an established business (7mo or more) additional transactions negotiated per client)

  Accounts Payable

Review Accounts Payable Purchases for purchases that need to be allocated over a longer time period or fixed asset purchases that have to be depreciated not expensed.  Such as yearly insurance, bonds, new equipment etc Adjustments to prepaid & fixed asset accounts & set up allocation schedules.  Reconcile on a regular schedule; Gold quarterly – Platinum monthly. (Gold & Platinum Pkg only)

Assist client to understand what types of purchases are fixed assets & prepaid items.  Set a process for tracking them.  Review & adjust semi annually and year end on any asset purchases or disposals.  Assist client to set a pre-paid expense schedule.  Review pre-paid accounts semi-annual and at year end (Silver Pkg only)

Provide templates, information & processes for tracking employee reimbursements, credit card expenses, per diems (Gold & Platinum Pkg)

  Accounts Receivable

Provide collection templates.  Provide client customer application for terms packet & process documentation. (Gold & Platinum Pkg only)

Review Accounts Receivables for past due & notify client.  Assess finance charges & send out statements. (Platinum Pkg only)

Process all new customer applications for terms approval based on clients requirements.  Handle all communication with customer & acquisition of all necessary forms. (Platinum Pkg only)

Set up process for handling pre-paid payments from customers & how to invoice the pre-payments.  Review Monthly or Quarterly depending on package.  (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

  Bank Account

Monthly reconciliation of bank & credit card accounts (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

  Petty Cash

Provide templates & process for petty cash  (Gold & Platinum Pkg only)

Reconcile monthly petty cash account  (Gold & Platinum Pkg only)

  Meetings, ETC.      (All Included in Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

Regularly scheduled phone conference monthly

Regularly scheduled in-person meetings with client quarterly

Monthly or quarterly newsletter

  Payroll (if done in house or by using an outsourced provider)

Record payroll into accounting file, review for accuracy & compliance with federal & state payroll regulations & post journal entry into the accounting file. (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

If Payroll processed by CBS, payroll packages are discounted when purchased with this package.(Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

  Overview & Reports

Prepare closing journal entries specific to clients business; pre-paid, fixed assets etc  (Platinum Monthly - Gold Quarterly – Silver Semi-annual)

Customized reporting package that includes Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Budget to Actual, Cash Flow, Sales Reports etc. (Max 7 reports of clients choice included in Pkg) (Gold & Platinum Monthly – Silver Quarterly)

Work with client to create operating budget, Sales Forecast & 1 yr estimated Cash Flow (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

Semi-Annual Review of budget and cash flow.  Revisions for second half of year created for large changes that will take place. (Platinum Pkg only)

Financial analysis provided by CPA/financial analyst (Silver & Gold - Annual, Platinum – Semi-annual)

  Cash Flow

Create Cash Flow system (1 yr estimate based on budget and 4 to 6 week rolling based on actual) Provide client with reports.

Budgeted 1 year cash flow standard reports.    (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)                        

4 week rolling cash flow.  Weekly cash flow report.  (Gold & Silver Pkg Only)

6 week rolling cash flow. Weekly cash flow report.  Semi-annual review & update of budgeted cash flow.  (Platinum Pkg Only)

  1099 C Preparation & Issuance

Provide client with information & process for 1099 vendors (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

Throughout year work with client to obtain vendor information needed to issue 1099s (Platinum Pkg Only)

Prepare annual 1099-MISC, 1096 and other forms required to be issued on behalf of client (January) (Platinum Pkg Only)

Prepare other types of 1099 forms needed by your client (Platinum Pkg Only)

  Annual Tax Package, Compilation, Review, or Audit Preparation (Silver, Gold & Platinum Pkg)

Facilitate & prepare all information needed for CPA to prepare taxes for the client

Record final adjusting entries prepared by client's CPA into accounting file & perform final tie-out of account balances for year

  Other Services Available as Add on in all packages; Talk to us for More Information

Preparation of end of year workers comp reports & reconciliations

Preparation of county personal property tax returns

Construction work in progress, end of month adjustments & construction draw request - Handle required documentation and reports for construction loan lenders

Customized Packages Available

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